Forged in sound, Camille 3000 is Born with the intent of Being The Bridge on the Mothership for Musical Innovation, where Fusion of Human and Machine, created by Multiple Generations since the Dawn of Electronics and Beyond.

Camille 3000 IDs as the Brainchild of Jason Piccioni who has spent the last two decades since the end of  the non-Internet age, Deciphering the chasms and subtleties of this revolutionary transition, making room for his Vision to take shape, along with All the Experience which comes from a Life and from a Family dedicated to Music.

Floating alongside Funk, Jazz, Experimental Tech, Dance and Fusion, Original music and Classic Soundtracks from his Historic Vaults, where the Analog and Digital Flux of Change, from Vinyl to Tape, from Dat to Ether, co-Exist in a Mission to Transubstantiate the Beauty of the Eras into the Present Age, Preserving all their Unique Diversity and Sublimating the timeless Vibrations through our Lens, to the future of Sound.

Enjoy this Voyage and its dreams.